Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love as I know it

The first rush of blood,
Into my cheeks.
From a distance...
Our eyes met.
A lurch in my heart.

You held me close,
My downcast eyes.
Wedding bells,
Our hearts beat as one.
In your palms,
I lay my faith.

Years later,
In casual conversation.
I look into your eyes....
And there it is,
A soulful smile.
In the warmth of your arms,
Unbridled joy!


Toil and sweat,

On the field.

Eleven men.

They bled blue.

A billion hearts,

Beat together.

Countless prayers....

Lest, they slip.

“Will they?”

Some sceptics asked.

“Yes they will!!”

A resounding voice.

A generation later

A dream comes true.

Numerous thanks....

To our heroes this day.

For the wondrous victory ...that will in our hearts stay!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Everything's in place

The warmth of her hug.

The scent of ground spices.

Wisps of unruly hair,

Over her radiant face.

Ever loving, ever giving.

Dutiful wife, devoted mother.

“A place for everything

Everything’s in place...”

A motto of life

Lived happily and well.

A journey ends.

The pain’s no more...

From heaven above, she smiles once more.

“Be good children!”

A deep chasm of pain.

Myriad memories.

Clouding out the ache.

“Rest in peace.”

A place for everything...

Everything’s in place.

(Dedicated to the loving memory of my aunt)