Friday, August 22, 2008


Noises. Within the mind and heart
Wretched noises…
Rattling noises..
"Oh stop!" he said!
They would not…
They took shape…
Gruesome monsters
Wrecking every semblance of sanity within

"Mad is bad" the wise men said
And drove him away
He cried… he pleaded
He explained the noises
They did not hear…
They looked at him bemused….
He believed he was mad

A strange belief
A strange relief
He no longer cried…
A boy came and touched his shoulder
"I am he" he said
I will be your friend
Together they laughed…
And played
The noises disappeared..

He cried…in sheer joy
"I have a friend"
The boy smiled
His eyes were heavy
He slept on the green grass
Alongside his friend
Hand in hand

He heard the music….
Soft and serene
Within his mind and heart…
The monsters melted away
I have a friend.
He said and looked at the boy
A smiling face looked
In the clear refection of the still waters
"I am he!" he said…
"Your friend!"

Saturday, August 16, 2008


A  rainkissed solitary afternoon

A lonely drive….

A journey has begun..

With no particular destination…

The people I meet have faces ..distinct characters..some past..some present...

I recall them all …

The next moment they all blend into one…

I sink into a deep slumber

I wake up in a cabin by the sea…I can smell the moss

The head is heavy…have I been hit?

But I don’t feel injured..just heady…

I cannot decide whether it is good or bad

Seems like a dream..

My childhood passes by…

The first tricycle…

The first time I felt the slap of a rude math teacher

The colour of pain…it felt purple…

I can see myself run….I feel breathless

The palm of my first love in mine… I feel the warmth

A rush of red in my veins 

The mossy smell gets stronger.

The clouds descend on the cabin…

I am floating on them….

I cross the seas

I see the good. I see the bad…

I feel happy and sad all at the same time

I am now the wall..the graffiti on it life…every brick wears a mark…

The pensive guide by it…

Thou shalt not pee on me..

He will ensure that you don’t

The rains come lashing down

A loud splash…

I jump into the sea…

But I don’t drown …

I swim effortlessly…

I watch the lofty structures being built overhead…

The creature is great..big..and kind…..I think….

I am washed ashore by a big wave

I want to stand on my feet

But I have none…

I am in a net

No!! let me go I scream!!

But no one can understand

 I enter the world of the man…

The big and kind now a hunter

The ugly faces rush back...

And I am hunted

But No…wait…

Its not who you think I am

I will not be hunted

I turn back…

And fight

Tooth and nail 

I will be born today

I will celebrate freedom

Celebrate the undaunted independent spirit

Will break the bondage of my soul

I….will be free!!