Friday, August 22, 2008


Noises. Within the mind and heart
Wretched noises…
Rattling noises..
"Oh stop!" he said!
They would not…
They took shape…
Gruesome monsters
Wrecking every semblance of sanity within

"Mad is bad" the wise men said
And drove him away
He cried… he pleaded
He explained the noises
They did not hear…
They looked at him bemused….
He believed he was mad

A strange belief
A strange relief
He no longer cried…
A boy came and touched his shoulder
"I am he" he said
I will be your friend
Together they laughed…
And played
The noises disappeared..

He cried…in sheer joy
"I have a friend"
The boy smiled
His eyes were heavy
He slept on the green grass
Alongside his friend
Hand in hand

He heard the music….
Soft and serene
Within his mind and heart…
The monsters melted away
I have a friend.
He said and looked at the boy
A smiling face looked
In the clear refection of the still waters
"I am he!" he said…
"Your friend!"


Gunjan Pai said...

this time ur style read very different:)i think verse does it, n of course u:) - this wistful, warm, fuzzy feeling - the lines read beautifully

take care girl


FREEK said...

the combination of photos and poetry is very interesting, truly an olfactory buffet!!!

Vikram K

Jingle Poetry said...


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we are open until Wednesday, 8pm..

Hope to see you in.