Tuesday, June 3, 2008

back to blogging

After a gap of more than a year and a half I- the pensive scribe am back to blogging...a typical journalist as I am I share a love hate relationship with blogging...sometimes I am criticising the way some people spew venom on a public forum and the other times I am gushing about the wealth of knowledge that you can find. Over the past year and a half I was in the " I hate blogging" mode and now that everyone...and I mean EVERYONE...is blogging I thought what is holding me back from posting some random thoughts everyday...If not anything I can at least be fashionable!! Haa...haa...Not that anybody cares....so I thought I will do this for myself...write something completely different from work and feel good about it!

Let me speak about something that I just had a very long telephone conversation with a friend about: " Sibling relationships" ..It is often seen in families with two or more children, that siblings invariably fight oer the most mundane of things and are at each other's hair for apparently no given reason! Sometimes it may just be over you having finished your chocolate and eyeing your kid brother's piece....the fights get so bad that sometimes parents are forced to keep siblings physically apart! But these fights between siblings become fond memories for parents and their children alike when their kids are all grown up and are often repeated at family gatherings and everybody goes " awww..how sweet!" Innocence...is the key word here...as children one has no malice no vicious exchange of words...no reading between the lines....you just fight...and the next thing you know is that you are going for a chat treat together....

What happens then when we are all grown up...why do relationships strain between siblings...so much so that sometimes that we are hunting for the right words to say....and mentally making notes about what "shouldn't be said" while speaking to one's sibling?? The awkward silences or the superficial talk about the latest film you have watched or book you have read....

"If you overstep the line...there might be dire consequences" you think....but why?? Where do these invisible lines in a sibling relationship surface? Why cant siblings speak without thinking of consequences....what have our modern lifestyles done to us? Your brother, or your sister with whom you have spent a better part of your life becomes a stranger you cannot recognise...and then we all opt for the convenient path and say " oh he's changed!"

Well if he/she has...haven't you as well? what is stopping you from just saying the first thing that comes to our mind about something you feel strongly about without thinking of the consequences? Easier said than done you must be thinking...but sometimes doing is far simpler than the thought of execution! maybe we should all give it a shot!!

The grown up world is far messier than the world of children!! They don't think...they just say it! My five year old neighbour...has just had a baby brother...I heard her announce this to her friend yesterday " I am going to play and fight with my babu..when he starts walking" you know its really that simple...siblings fight! Lets just cherish it..instead of holding it against each other in our grown up worlds!

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The ketchup girl said...

U just made me cry. Don't ask why.