Wednesday, June 15, 2011


There he stood, in a corner of the street

The harsh ball of fire scalding his bare skin

His eager eyes on the lookout

Maybe, the schoolgirl with a happy trot...

Maybe, the couple across the street cooing sweet nothings.

Wouldn’t a frosty bite be just perfect now?

A perfect ploy to beat the heat!

Chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry... anything you want.

But they do not stop

The school girl, the happy couple head to a cheerful place

Where air-conditioners are on full blast

The flavours are on display

Little plastic spoons

Piling in the garbage, slowly but surely

Yet they are joyful

An “informed choice” has been made you see.

The man in corner goes back home, trudging along his cart.

His ice candies melting away like his spirit.

Yet the light does not go out from his eyes.

Tomorrow will be a new day.