Monday, August 22, 2011


It began someday,somewhere in a city of my own..
A quest unknown, all consuming!
Tididgs fresh took me places,
To cities unknown,
Many I met. Some knights. Some knaves.

In glossy attires they all looked alike.
Under bright lights though their souls lay bare.
Some cried for help!
But their voices were strangled...
Filling their coffers with gold instead,
Trying to barter peace of mind.

I chased them all night and day!
Pretending then to fulfill my quest.
Instead I found myself lost and lone.
In the midst of a race with creatures unknown.

I stood back then tired and wary
A wake up call came one fine day.
As the first rains purged the earth.
I found the meaning of life again.

A raging storm outside the window...
In a city long back had made me its own.
I looked up heavenwards and smelt the wet earth
A quest anew...had just begun!

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